Thursday, June 06, 2013


Me?  I don't know Paisley, Brad from Paisley, Tie.  But I'm here to tell you, the boy can play guitar in that kind of a highly-evolved, Nashville-cats, super-quick-picking-then-drop-down-and-grab-that-low-e-twang style that is, really, something to hear.  At least it is on the one song I've been listening to over and over.

So I googled "How good a guitar player is Brad Paisley" and the first thing I read was "Brad Paisley is one of the best guitar players alive."  Then somebody said "Brad Paisley is the John Mayer of country music."  Which means he's fabulous, but nowhere near the best.  Which is probably the truer of the two statements.  Because those country boys can really play guitar.

This is him and the guy I thought was the best modern-era guitar player in country music (that is to say, country guys who play guitar like it's rock and roll).

That, of course, would be Nicole Kidman's husband Keith Urban.  Or maybe he's married to Faith Hill.  Something like that.

Neither one of them is Roy Buchanan.

No.  Neither is.
Nobody is.
No they're not.

Bruce Springsteen, an underrated guitarist, had an interesting thing to say.  That being that it wasn't long before he knew he was the fastest guitar player in Asbury Park.  But how far was that going to take him, he wondered.  So he started writing songs.

Smart move.


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