Thursday, August 29, 2013

The commentariat presses forward

I love the back and forth with my people.  The same person who wrote about Ferrari-driven elitism offered this follow up ...

If you think the world needs a ferrari, then Paint the fuckin Ferrari man instead of bull crapping about it ... you no artist, you a preacha

I'm not going to start painting cars, man.  But here's a great photo of a car for sale in my neighborhood ...

Manoman, look at that thing!  A mid-80s Cadillac Seville -- this one with a two-tone tan over brown scheme.

I used to own one.  Years ago.  Mine was that Cadillac baby blue, if you can call it to mind.  I loved it.  The license plate reads "1 Sweet 83" -- a reference to both the beautiful shape the car's in as well as its year.  Which is odd, because I would have sworn mine was an '86.  If I had the 8.5K floating around doing nothing and I didn't already have a touring sedan, I would totally buy the thing.

It wasn't until Chris Bangle got ahold of the BMW styling department and started to mess things up that the design of a rear end been this jolting.  Me?  I like it.  Lots of people don't.

I should take it for a test drive.  The hood, when you are behind the wheel, feels like it's fifteen feet long.  And the car, not exactly nimble, seems to take forever to respond to steering input ... but in a good way.  Truth be told, this was not the greatest car in the world.  But floating down the road in one, with the stereo on, was as good a thing to do as the next.


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