Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Seed Money

Who eats rye bread without seeds?  A great number of people do, apparently, since it's harder to find seeded than unseeded in your average supermarket.  I suppose it's like The Today Show.  Or Jiffy peanut butter.  Part and parcel of the stupidification of the world we inhabit.

A couple of months ago I walked into my local PriceChopper and saw they were out of the natural PB I usually buy.  Smuckers, maybe?  The one where you have to stir it up so the oil goes away?  How does a major chain like PC run out of something?  Anyway, I had a yen so I bought some Jiffy.  Or Skippy.

It's like the seeds in the rye.   Some kid in some focus group in Omaha said she didn't like the seeds and before you know it, Big Food has answered.  Likewise the notion that everything Americans eat can be improved by adding sugar.  The simple yet majestic puree of peanuts and perhaps a little salt was found wanting.  So every can of Jiffy gets a tablespoon of sugar.

All this by way of saying:

Eat your rye with seeds.  It's, to quote Vince Vaughn, money.  Thus the title.

Second, my lunch today consisted of open-faced cheese sandwiches on rye.  With a Pabst ...

Seeded rye.  Monterey jack with hollapeenyo.  I don't have time to look up the spelling so I went phonetic.  And sliced tomatoes.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Toast the bread first, then assemble, then throw it all under the broiler.

I might have gone with a good sharp cheddar.
Me too.  It's the classic version.  But as I get older I find I need to keep upping the stakes in my mouth.
No filets anymore?
No.  Only rib-eyes.


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