Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Massa's

This is Felipe Massa and his father ...

Sad news today:  Massa won't be driving for Ferrari next year.  Their decision, not his -- that's how the tea leaves read.  I wish him well.

Surely you remember the Grand Prix of Brazil in 2008?  In the rain?  To become World Champion Massa needed to win the race and have Hamilton finish no better than sixth?

Me?  I remember it like it was yesterday.   Last corner of the last lap:  Massa in his Ferrari comes around in first; wins the race.  The camera shows everybody in the Massa family going absolutely bananas.  The look of ecstasy on his father's face was a marvel of fatherly love and pride.

[I'm reminded of the time Daughter #2 pitched two almost perfect innings in the Waldwick All-Star softball A vs. B game.  I thought my head was going to explode ... in a good way.]

Anyway, back to the race:  Seconds later, here comes Hamilton.  Into the final corner in sixth place.  Out of the final corner in fifth.  Nobody said the kid didn't have skills.  Hamilton wins the championship.  And as the camera cuts back to Massa Sr., the look of joy turning to alarm, confusion, then outright despair ... well, I'll never forget it.

Massa never came close again.  The next year he took a piece of automotive shrapnel to the head at the Hungaroring at 180 or so and almost died.  He came back, raced hard, but was never the same.

May the road rise up to meet you, Felipe.  Ideally at 200 mph.  There's talk of getting a ride with Sauber, the team he started with.  And who doesn't like a circle?

Adios, Campagnolo.  


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