Thursday, November 14, 2013

Denver First, Albany Eighth

Which is what I call an outstanding result.

I refer, of course, to Ten Best's (a division of USAToday) ranking of art in airports.  Read it here.  It should be noted that we beat out Chicago O'Hare -- which, like Denver, is a mega-airport -- and Austin, which is a hip airport and might, in a world where they hadn't changed the tyre compounds halfway through the current Formula 1 season, have been someplace I would have flown into yesterday.  The thinking being that, after going to the Canadian Grand Prix last year I should go to the US Grand Prix this year.

But if you think I'm gonna watch Sebastian Vettel smirk his way through 72 laps in Austin, then you have another thing coming.  Not to mention paying hundreds of dollars for the privilege of doing so.

This is currently on display in Albany.  The blurb on the website reads

New York’s Albany International Airport (ALB) has no permanent works of art in its collection, but its many gallery spaces and exhibition cases stay filled with the work of local and regional artists and loans from area museums. Among the works on indefinite loan is Flying Fish, by Lillian Mulero, which turns a ten-foot, round concourse window into an aquarium.

Props to Lillian.

If ever there was a call for one of my Maps of Albany, now would be it.  This one, titled Map of Troy (shown here in an unfinished state -- the key has not been filled in), hangs in a downtown restaurant -- the Illium Cafe.


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