Monday, November 25, 2013

I'm thinking about buying an electric car

Not really, but still, it's fun to think about.

I sat in a Tesla last summer and, honestly, it was stunning.  But I'm just one of those guys who worries about running out of electricity when I'm still fifty miles from home.  Also, they wanted a $5,000 deposit before letting me test drive it.  Maybe it was because I had paint on my pants, but that seemed a bit extreme.

Also, and this is big:  Nobody -- I mean NOBODY -- ever mentions how much it costs to fill these babies up.  There's this general attitude that if you're not putting gas in the thing that you are riding for free.  I want to know how many kilowatts it takes to top the thing up from empty.  I can do the math from there.

Not really.  I mean, who knows what they're paying for kilowatts?  Maybe it's on the electric bill.  Which goes to my landlord, so I'm still screwed.

Hmmm.  The bill goes to my landlord and I'm then told how much I owe.  What if they're screwing me too?  I mean, they're Patriots fans, so how much faith can I have?

Anyway, check this bad boy out.  The outside looks like a Jaguar, so what's not to like.  This is the dashboard ...

The big central element with the pictures on it.  The entire rectangle you see there is one massive iPad-like screen.  Really quite extraordinary.

On a slightly discordant note, if you've ever tried to operate an iPad in a car on a bumpy road ...  Well, good luck getting the right radio station.


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