Sunday, November 24, 2013

I've got a bad feeling

Didn't like the Brazilian Grand Prix, except for the part where, during his warm-down lap, Mark Webber took off his helmet to better savor his last trip in a Formula 1 car.  That was cool.

Am not liking the Jets game.  An embarrassment on a number of levels, almost all of them on the offensive side.  The defense did quite an impressive job, all things considered.

All that remains is Giants/Cowboys.

I entered the day full of sunshine and optimism.  I made some potato salad with a couple of hard boiled eggs and some dill.  Read the paper.  Was feeling good.

Now?  I've got a bad feeling.

Go Blue.

Back to the dill for a moment:  I love dill in my potato salad, but it does sometimes, if you scrunch your mind the wrong way, look like what one shakes out of one's electric razor.  And that's troubling.

Best to think of other things.


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