Monday, December 16, 2013

Job Well Done, Sorta

He walks tallest who stoops to help a child.  Or something like that.

I bring this up as prelude to showing you the painting that I, Geoffrey Raymond, and 25 or so members of Ms. Raymond's and Ms. Harmon's 4th Grade class at PS 161 in The Bronx created Friday afternoon...

You'll notice the prominent use of the numeral 2 in creating the nose and brow.  This, friends, was the gist of the lesson and the children learned it well.  Next time around we'll work on brushwork skills.

The red background is the top of an oddly shaped table that I set the painting on to photograph.


Blogger John Harbour said...

Might be the nose, but I'm seeing something quite a bit Roman there. With just a soupcon of Medusa (don't hate the player, hate the game). I would have stopped at the 2 because, I'm not a painter. I wouldn't have thought to add the strong black chin and ears. But seriously, I'd buy a series of these. Not that I will, so don't get too excited, but if I had the extra cash, hell yes. Looks like you were having fun.

4:48 PM  

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