Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Next Polaroid(s)

I'm taking out-takes of friends I've painted before and making Polaroids.  And I've decided to stop putting quotes around Polaroid going forward.

Rose was first.  This one, of Ali, is next ...

Followed possibly by this ...

Which is a beautiful photo, if I do say so myself, if perhaps a bit green.

I think the Polaroid crop for the first one is this ...

Maybe I should stop capitalizing it too.  I mean, the paintings have nothing to actually do with the company (if it still exists anymore).  It really just a reference to the format, and the idea of quickly painting friends the way you used to be able to quickly shoot friends with your Land Camera.

I have someone coming over tonight for a quick shoot.  Usually I prefer to paint women, but he put up a gallant effort in the bidding war for my Uncle Sam sculpture and I sent him a note telling him I'd do a polaroid for about what he would have spent on the statue.  Obviously he said yes, since he's going to be knocking on the door in a couple of hours.

He'll likely be impressed with my big chimera box (a type of diffused light source).  He'll be less impressed when I shoot him with my iPhone.  Which made the Polaroid Land Camera, and a bunch of other stuff, obsolete.

At least he's bringing some beer with him.


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