Tuesday, December 10, 2013

And one last thing on this Polaroid, and then I'll be done

You won't hear another peep from me about this painting.  Or, barring that, I at least promise I won't go on and on and on about it.

But look at this cropped detail ...

I want you to double click on the image to expand it, then drag it onto your desktop and expand it another couple of times, until it's huge.

Now check it out.  All that lush, rich paint.  Those brush strokes.  The rich saturation of colors.  It's hard to believe the whole thing is computer generated.  I'm sure there are several programs on the market similar to Artrage, but every once in a while I am stunned all over again.

One of the best 50 bucks I think I ever spent.  The iPad version, which is also a hoot, is under ten.


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