Monday, December 09, 2013


Who knows anything about lipstick?

Because it struck me, what with all the rose and cherry and hot reds, etc., you could paint something like this with lipstick.  Which would be pretty cool, but I'm not sure how lipstick behaves when it dries.  Or, further, if you could use an oil-based varnish to fix it.  Fix in the sense of fixative, not fix the car.

This from the nice people at Chanel ...

I swear to God, you could paint this whole Polaroid with exact colors found in these 16 sticks.  If that's what one calls these things.  Who knew they even made lipstick?  I thought it was just perfume.  And some clothes and handbags.  And those ballet flats with the contrasting cap toes.

Are those Chanel?
I think so.
What's that famous quote by Holly Golightly?
"There really are some things that a girl can't face without lipstick."  Is that it?
Yes, perhaps. 


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