Sunday, December 08, 2013

I like this better

Binging this thing out right before bed was a terrible idea.  I actually already went to bed, and then I got up to add the stripe and type this.  I know I'm going to lie, staring at the darkened ceiling, tapping my foot against the mattress for a good chunk of the evening.

Can't sleep!  Gears turning!
I think that vertical element is fun, although possibly a bad idea.
My exact thoughts. 
One more thing to keep you awake.
One more thing.

Also, binging this thing out gives an inaccurate picture of what it took to generate this.  It may not seem like much -- or, conversely, it may seem like the very answer to the mysteries of the universe -- but there was a ton of mechanical work, conceptual grappling, etc. to get here.  And none of that, really, is over.

But I'll say this:  I think there are seven images here.  Printed as a set.  Start with the one you see here.  The second one is with the blank spaces filled in to complete each horizontal line, so it looks like slats, if you can envision that.  The third one is the same thing, only vertical bars.  The fourth, fifth and sixth are essential a repeat of 1-3, but shifted one square down and to the right on the grid, so as to accommodate the unpainted set of squares.

Number seven is all of them put together.  Are you with me?

Oy.  I'm gonna burn up my hard drive with this thing.

Update:  the stripe's a terrible idea.   Also there should be more white space at the bottom of the canvas.  Doesn't feel Polaroid-y enough.


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