Sunday, December 08, 2013

My girlfriend died tragically. The good news is that she was imaginary.

I leave now to stroll downtown.  I say stroll because it's the famous Troy Victorian Stroll and that, on days like today, is how you get around.

I'll spend some time strolling, visit with some friends, then likely wander into a bar to watch the Giants game.  As has been previously noted, I try not to watch the Giants at home for fear of killing myself.  Playing middle linebacker for the SD Chargers is no other than Manti T'eo, the famous college player with the imaginary dead girlfriend.

I feel bad for the guy.  Somehow the whole thing was a scam, and the amount of ridicule this one guy has received is beyond the pale.  So I hope he does well, but not so well that the Giants lose.


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