Saturday, December 07, 2013

Fully Fed ... Number Twelve!

Most people, were they painters and had come up with the idea of counting down their top twenty paintings of all time, would grab a yellow legal pad and their favorite Mont Blanc, pour a couple of fingers of Evan Williams Green Label, turn on the Yo-Yo Ma and make a list.  Cross some out, move some up, others down.  You know -- all the stuff involved in making an actual list.

Me?  Not so much.  I'm just kind of choking it up as I go, in reverse, which is harder.

Like hairballs?
Exactly like hairballs.

There may come a day closer to the end of the year when I look at the list I've created on the fly and revise the order.  That day is not today.

Thus I give you, at least for now ... [drumroll] ... NUMBER TWELVE!

The Annotated Fed.

Some paintings the portrait itself seems to dominate.  Most, actually.  Others, the writing seems to be the dominant feature.  Of all my Wall Street paintings, I love the balance between the annotations and the image on this one the best.  It truly feels of a piece.

I'm not even sure it's number 12; it might belong in the top ten.


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