Thursday, December 05, 2013

I leave now for Amsterdam

Me?  I love all the northern European socialist democracies.  They remind me a lot of the United States, which is also a socialist democracy, although it's politically risky to call it that.  But only if you're a politician, and I'm not.  I'm the painter of record.

All this by way of saying I had too many yams in the bottom of my refrigerator and thought, this morning while downloading all the news that's fit to print, why not have one for breakfast?  Which I did, and it was fabulous.  And now, fully fed, I leave for Amsterdam.


Why, you might ask.  Well, I just read a story about a program for unemployed alcoholics in Amsterdam that seems attractive.  You show up in the morning and they give you two beers.  Brands vary based on the best prices.  You then go out and clean the streets for a couple of hours.  You come back, have a free lunch and two more beers.  Then you go back out to clean the streets.  Then, when you come back to punch out, they give you two more beers and ten euros.  Plus free, high-quality healthcare!

Who wouldn't do that?

I'll probably need a note from my doctor telling them I'm an alcoholic and, since I'm not, this could be a stumbling block.  Note to self:  You can multitask by also getting a note from the doctor saying you need a service dog.  That way I can bring Irby to bars with me and not take any shit about it.

If they had programs like this in the US, people like me wouldn't be fleeing for Europe.

Quick aside:  I call your attention to the last sentence of the second paragraph.  "And now, fully fed, I leave for Amsterdam."  Which makes me think that "Fully Fed" would be a great title for my next Bernanke painting.


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