Monday, December 02, 2013

Lamb Chop

A friend of mine commented on my lamb shoulder post.  The comment read, in part ...

My wife who doesn't like lamb, if you can believe that, will be out of town in Feb... 

Because I'm emotionally fragile, and everything in my little world typically is about me, I read this first line and thought Oh great.  He's going to suggest we go to Keens Steakhouse and have the mutton chop.  But then I read on ...

I'm putting in my order for a shoulder with my local butcher as I, for one, love lamb. Thanks for the post

This, dear reader, is how your friends punish you.

Here's a photo of one of their mutton chops, with what looks like some mashed potatoes with cabbage.  What's the word for that?

The little pincer-like appendages that make the chop look slightly like a crab, are the strips of fat that they slice away from the meat but leave attached so they can char to their hearts' content.

Charred lamb fat being a) not very good for you, I can't imagine, and b) possibly the best tasting thing in the world.

But my question comes in two parts:  Who doesn't like lamb?  And if the answer to that is your wife, then does she get annoyed when you use lovey-dovey expressions like 'lamb chop' or 'lammie pie' as linguistic gestures of endearment?

Update:  Colcannon is the term for mashed potatoes and cabbage.


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