Saturday, December 07, 2013

Zero Plus Zero Equals Zero

Sports Illustrated, of all things, gives us this video of Charles Barkley entering the subway in Manhattan on his way to the Knicks/Nets game in B-town.

Sports Illustrated.  You'd think they'd come up with something a little tastier in the production-values category than this, but hey, zero plus zero equals zero.

Which everybody knows.

Interestingly enough, about the 1:55 mark, at about the same time that the entire video loops back to the start point and essentially replays itself, some writing pops up on the left side of the screen suggesting that you subscribe to Sports Illustrated Channel.  Based on the strength of this video, I'm thinking no.

Two things should be noted:

1 -- The Knicks crushed the Nets, which was lovely.

2 -- Charles Barkley is the classic charismatic psychopath.  As a player he was a horrible person, once spitting on a young girl in the stands of a basketball game, another time nearly crushing an overwhelmed Olympic competitor with an elbow to the solar plexus.  Just to name two of many.  So you can't allow yourself to get pulled in.

I'm reminded of Dick Cheney.
Me too.
Donald Rumsfeld.
Nicely said.
That crazy guy who killed Sharon Tate.


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