Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Commentariat Weighs In

John from Manhattan just wrote the following:

I really like this. And I'd leave the squares mentioned. I like the way it breaks up the pattern ever so slightly.

Which is lovely.  And nicely said.  Although breaking up the pattern ever so slightly is not the reason why I'm going to just leave the thing the way it is.

But before we go any farther, you have to admit that it is amazing that this ...

 Is an integral part of this ...

Without modification, there they are, those sixteen little buggers just trying to carry their weight in a hard, cold world.  In fact, one of them is the offending party on the second row, six squares in.

A couple of random thoughts:

First, it's always fun to see how hard geometric patterns interact with something as amorphous as free-form painting.  One of my favorite parts of this painting is the ascending diagonal of browns that start in the lower left corner and head northeast.  If not purely accidental then certainly a subconscious eruption rather than conscious act on my part, but if I wasn't so fundamentally truthful a person I could easily say it's a visual element designed to direct the eye (of the viewer) towards the eye (of the subject).  Works great, too.

As relates to the very misshapen Square 2.6, I decided that since I wasn't going to change the big brown goober of paint on Square 6.4 that contributes to the tip of her nose, then I'm not going to interfere with 2.6 either.  To do one and not the other would lead to a loss of morale amongst the other squares, and we don't want that.  Also, I love her nose just like that.

I also like that, although the painting obviously hews to a grid, the lower right corner is really almost completely chaos.  Any attempts to represent something have long since flown the coop.

And speaking of coop, are you familiar with the group Koop?  A couple of Swedish guys with a drum machine, some synthesizers and a lot of guest singers?  This is one of their best songs (although the video itself is a bit of a downer in -- if I'm reading it correctly -- a The Crying Game sort of a way) ...

The cool thing about Koop is that, on a good stereo, you can really hear the silence between the notes.  Feel the space.  And then, when they come at you, those notes, it's all good, dear friend.  It's like dropping acid without the potential health risks.

Back to the squares, I may actually change 7.4, just because it annoys me so much.


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