Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hubris. And Hookers.

As the year winds down, it's fun to look back.  Quite a ways back, as it turns out, but still ...

Steve from Union sent me these two pictures.  Kind of a giggle ...

The top is the New York Post.  The next one down is a typical business day for me at the Peter McManus Cafe.

Me?  I wish Eliot had been able to crack through in the recent elections.  What was he running for?  City Comptroller, I think.  Because I'm a lover, not a hater, I like to think perhaps he learned something about hubris.  And hookers ...

Although this picture of "Kristen" -- that being Ashley Dupre's nom de bonk -- makes me think that if I was governor of the Empire State I'd ...

Best not complete the sentence.
Just so.

Here's another picture ...

Strange.   An ad for Playboy popped up on my Facebook page the other day, offering steep discounts.  I'm more of a Vanity Fair guy, but I clicked through the ad anyway.  The gist of the thing is that they offer a year of the actual magazine, plus full access to the electronic edition, for about 20 bucks.  What galled me was that I could also just subscribe to the electronic edition and spare them the cost of printing and shipping twelve magazines to my house.  The price?  Twenty bucks.

I chose not to subscribe, if for no other reason than having the hard copy price and the digital price be the same is bullshit.  I'd rather give my money to Rolling Stone, which costs just ten bucks more a year and sends you 26 full, rich magazines.

Plus access to my boy Matt Taibbi, who has been doing some of the best political/social reporting around.

Rolling Stone digital access, just for the record, costs just under $20.  Which means it's two thirds the price of the hard copy subscription plan.  Which seems about right to me.


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