Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Good News Out of Formula One

The good news isn't nearly as good as the bad news is bad.  But the good news is that drivers will, from now on, be designated numbers for life, as opposed to the current policy of taking the number that indicates how they placed the previous year.

The thinking is that this will help the fans identify more closely with their key guys, and maybe buy t-shirts.  NASCAR has been doing this for a long time:  Jeff Gordon has been the 24 forever.  Dale Earnhardt (the good one) was the 3.  Jimmy Johnson (the best of all time) is the 48.  Etc.

The fault to this plan is that, given the advertising value of almost every inch of a Formula One car, the numbers are weirdly small and difficult to find.  So who cares, really?  I simply report this stuff for your benefit.


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