Tuesday, December 17, 2013

NBC Weighs In

Not about me, which is the preferred topic for weighing in, but about Troy.

Did you know that the Troy Sentinel, in 1823, first published The Night Before Christmas?  Check this out ...

The NBC article (why does a TV network have an article and not a television piece?) is here.

Ahhhh, Troy.  Another two to four inches coming down as I type.   Click here for Bing Crosby singing White Christmas.  I'd post the video itself, as is the usual practice here, but copyright holders won't allow it.  But I'd urge you to take the plunge.  It's the colorized version of Holiday Inn.

Which doesn't seem very Christmas-y.
No it doesn't.
That Bing was something though.
Yes he was.  I particularly love when he starts whistling about half way through.  What a cheeseball.
What a cheeseball?  Cheeseballs be damned -- the salient point is what a miserable shit the guy was.
Wonderful voice; horrible man.  A role model to artists everywhere.
Marjorie Reynolds had a nice voice.
She was pretty hot too.
Yes she was.  Those two were totally going to bed after they finished singing.
That is if he doesn't shag her right on the library rug.
Happy holidays!


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