Friday, May 02, 2014

Kareem weighs in

Power Memorial graduate Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has a pretty good piece about the Donald Sterling uproar on Time Magazine's website.  Titled "Welcome to the Finger-Wagging Olympics," you can read it here.

My question is this:  Why has nobody come up with the first name of V. Stiviano?

She doesn't have a first name.  She changed it to V. Stiviano from Maria Vanessa Perez in 2010.
Imagine all the shit she has to go through during official documentation.  Try telling the woman at the Motor Vehicles department that your first name is V.
I'm with you.  I have a hard enough time getting people to spell Jeffrey with a G.  The mind reels.
Try getting them to spell Persephone right.

She's a strange looking woman.  Seems like a lot of second-rate cosmetic surgery has transpired.

This is, actually, a fairly flattering portrait of her.

I wonder if she's had her breasts done.
I don't know, but I've got a thousand bucks right here that says yes.
That's it?  A thousand.
Okay.  Ten thousand.
Sight unseen?
Sight unseen.
I'm not taking that bet.
Only a crazy person would.

I, like Kareem, feel like she really dropped a shit bomb on Sterling's head by, presumably illegally, recording their conversation and then going public with it.

Not that he doesn't deserve it, but still ...

It would be fun if the notoriously litigious Sterling, after he loses his case against the NBA, turns around and sues the shit out of Miss V. and TMZ.  I hope he does.


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