Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I was hungry once ...

... and it was, as I remember it, your world.  As I recall, there were amphetamines, pearls, plus a bunch of fog.  Would it have killed you to have had a hamburger, given the situation?


Is that too much?  I don't mean to bug you.  I only bring all this personal stuff up because there's a fairly provocative article from New York Magazine that popped up on Facebook.   Titled How Did Bob Dylan Get So Weird, I would advise you to read it here.  After doing so, I got so fired up I've been listening to Bob for about the last hour.  Currently playing Just Like a Woman from Bob Dylan Live, 1966:  The Royal Albert Hall Concert.

Cindy Crawford once observed about Richard Gere, her much older paramour, something along the lines of "The difference between Richard and me is that he thinks Dylan is God and I don't."


Update:  Now I'm listening to Queen Jane Approximately.  Dylan and the Dead.

The man had a way with titles.
Yes he did.

Back to the Dylan article for a moment (which was, improbably, written by someone named Bill Wyman.  Who I refuse to believe was the Rolling Stone of the same name).

Dear Mr. Wyman:  Why don't you try being Bob Dylan for 80 or so years and we'll see how fucking weird you are.


Anonymous Daaave said...

Your post is just like Tom Thumb's blues.

11:29 AM  

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