Thursday, September 18, 2014


Remember that scene from Braveheart when they eviscerate Mel Gibson's character William Wallace?

"Freedom!" he screams, and Scotland was never the same again.

All that aside, good for the sensible majority of Scots who figured out that as amusing as it sounded, seceding from the United Kingdom was cra-cra.  Which my daughter tells me is spelled cray-cray.

Three hundred and seven years is a long time for any relationship.  I mean, surely you've settled into a routine by then?  Why rock the boat?

Plus, Paul Krugman told them not to.
Which would totally be enough in my book.

I think the Walker Brothers recorded it first, but Dionne Warwick made it a classic.  The key line being "Breaking up is so very hard to do" ...

Plus this classic by George Michael, even though the only thing it has to do with any of the above is that George Michael is British.  And the title.  Oh, and it may be the zenith of music videos.  The absolute zenith.  Honestly, the only thing that would have made it better would be Naomi Campbell throwing a phone at somebody ...

Cindy Crawford in that tub!  Wow.  If that was a Cialus ad, I'd kill to be in the other tub.  Fully medicated.  If you catch my drift.


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