Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Playing The Drums ...

In keeping with our post-fashion-week exploration of whatever, here's Cara Delevingne -- a supermodel, I suppose -- playing the drums ...

The whole thing is barely a minute and a half long, so just hang in there through all the frou-frou and wait til she hits the skins.  It's not that she's Ginger Baker, which would be a great name for a supermodel, but she obviously has a certain capacity for the task at hand.  And I admire people who multi-task.

And speaking of multi-tasking, here to balance things out is Sammy Davis Jr. on drums.  Plus the vibes because, hey, Frank doesn't hang out with chumps.

I do love this video.  
Obviously, since you've posted it at least twice before this.  
It's an artifact from another time.  Might as well be from Mars.

It should be noted that Ms. Delevingne -- try typing that three times fast -- is actually quite an amusing young woman.  I don't subscribe to her twitter feed, in fact I avoid twitter as much as anyone can who's actually on it, but I did read an article in New York Magazine called The Dao of Cara, comprised of five or ten highly entertaining tweets by her.  It might have been a different magazine, and that might not have been the name of the article, but you get the picture.


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