Monday, September 15, 2014


Years ago the Giants fired Dan Reeves.

The very next day I found myself in downtown Waldwick, the quasi-pastoral Bergen County hamlet in which I spent many pleasant years, the town in which my daughters were raised and where my X-Wife still resides, waiting in line at the bagel store.  For you completists, I like an everything with vegetable cream cheese and a slice of tomato.  Salt and pepper.  Not toasted.

Anyway, I looked up and saw that Dan Reeves was standing in line right in front of me.

I chose to say nothing.

Waldwick was a nice enough place to raise some kids.  Alright, in a sort of a limited way for an off night, Paul Simon might say.  Did, in fact.  But one thing Waldwick does have:  an outstanding bagel store.  Way better than most of the bagels you buy in New York, just for the record, since they typically are cooked in massive bakeries in Brooklyn.  And Queens.  And they, like so many things -- Ariana Grande jumps to mind, although she appears to be fighting it -- tend to be too sweet.


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