Sunday, September 14, 2014

If you have an extra hundred bucks or so ...

Here's what I would like you to do with it:

First, take about fifteen bucks and buy James Dolan's band's new album.  The band is called JD & the Straight Shot.  The album is called "Where I've Been."  It's not out yet, but it's coming sometime this month.

Next, take the rest of the money and if the band is appearing anywhere near you in the next six months or so, please buy a ticket.

Why do all this, you're asking?

Well, anything that will keep James Dolan out of Phil Jackson's hair is nothing but good.  Just ask Donnie Walsh.  Second thought, don't, because he'll tell you Dolan promised to stay out of his hair and next thing Walsh knew, Dolan was up in it like Brylcreem.

Just to fire you up, here's the link to a New York Times podcast of their new song "Under the hood."  Which, I can honestly tell you, is horrible.

You say that, but Dolan's band must be pretty good.  They're opening for the Eagles at Madison Square Garden.
You realize that Dolan owns the Garden?  Actually owns it?
Hmmm.  So you're saying it's easier to open for the Eagles if you own the building?
Considerably.  Have you listened to that song yet?
Just did.
It made me weep.  It made me want to push sharp objects into my ears.  
That's what I'm saying.  If the guy can't even play a serviceable white-guy's version of the Delta blues, how's he supposed to run the Knicks?
Roy Buchanan he's not.
No he isn't.


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