Friday, September 12, 2014

Day For Night

Who doesn't like Francois Trufaut?

Anyway, life at my house now exists in two phases:  the daytime, and adjacent portions of the night in which I'm awake, and the nighttime when JohnConnor, the Mousassin, roams the halls on tiny feet.

We never see eachother, but every morning I wake up, go down, spoon out the little bits of shit and clumped kitty litter that he leaves for me, refill the food and water dishes and that's that.  Cat ownership.  Very satisfying.   I'm reminded of the war in Vietnam.

I see what you did there.
The reference to French New Wave cinema.
What about it?
My theory is that you always follow a post about video games with something obscure, but not too obscure because, let's be frank, these people are Philistines, in order to show that yours is, in fact, a first-rate mind.  As opposed to, say, that of an arrested adolescent.
Interesting.  Two thoughts:  First, what makes you think I give a shit about what people reading this blog think about me?  Second, I'm going to push publish now because Axl's singing Paradise City and I don't want to miss it.
A classic.
Totally.  Take me down where the girls are pretty and all that.


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