Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Miller High Line

High Life.
It's Miller High Life, not High Line.
The champagne of bottled beers?
Yes.  You were perhaps confusing it with the quasi-public park on the west side of New York.

All joking aside, the Champagne-of-New-York-Parks-Less-Than-100-Years-Old is about to open its final stretch.  Great article about it by Ann Raver in the Times.  It's hard to describe (and I'm a state-of-the-art word guy) how astonishing the High Line was when you first experienced it.  It just seemed impossible to me that they could get so much right and so little wrong.

Kind of like Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy.
Nicely said.

Here's a nice picture taken, looking north, from about 17th Street.  I'm guessing it's fall.

The final piece of the park opens on September 21, followed nine days later by my birthday.  At some point after that I hope to celebrate turning 61 at an altitude of perhaps thirty feet, surrounded by crab apple trees and exotic grasses, reflecting on just how, when you set all the baggage aside, fundamentally fabulous the High Line is.


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