Tuesday, September 09, 2014

De Gustibus

There's a restaurant in London called Restaurant Story.  Supposed to be lovely.  The chef is an alumnus of both Per Se and Noma, so that's certainly something.  The kicker, as per the New York Times, is the beef tallow candle they light at the beginning of the meal.

The idea is that the tallow heats up and, very much like an ordinary candle, drips liquid onto the base.  Except in this case you take a hunk of break and dredge it in the tallow, then stuff it in your mouth.

Just the thought of this makes me laugh.  In a good way.

The Times correspondent thought it needed salt and was too cute by half.  All of which may be true, but in a world of restaurants where you think everything has been thought of, including the new Scandanavian interest in eating bird's nests and lichen and such, a tallow candle works just fine for me.


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