Saturday, September 06, 2014

Go Mets

And one more sports note before I go watch the qualifying session at Monza.

How about those Mets beating the Reds 14-5?  And my boy Lucas Duda hitting his 27th HR and 80th RBI.  When Lucas settled in and it looked like he was poised to have a break-out season, I thought wouldn't it be fun if he could go 30 and 100.  Wow -- thirty home runs are certainly in reach and if he makes it to 90 RBI, that would be astoundingly lovely.

Like the bovine Ms. Upton?
You said astoundingly lovely, which makes me think of Kate Upton.  I can't believe you called her bovine.
I'm sorry.  That was mean.  But I've always thought that cute blonde girls from southern California with massive, synthetic breasts are the least interesting kind of beautiful.
That puts you, I'm guessing, in the minority.
So be it.

Anyway, for a franchise as snake-bit as Los Mets, when it came time to choose between Duda and Ike Davis, who I always liked a lot, I felt with every fiber of my soul that going with Duda was a mistake.  Shows you what I know.

Go Mets.


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