Friday, September 05, 2014


Just as Eau Rouge is the most famous turn at Spa, Parabolica is the most famous turn at Monza, albeit for completely different reasons.  Located in northern Italy, Monza has been the site of more Grand Prix races than any other course.   Ferrari wants to win every race (duh -- they all do), but Monza is like their home course so they are especially keen this year.

Of course they don't have a chance, given that they lack top end power compared to the Mercedes, and Monza is all about putting the big wings away, lifting up your skirts and running as fast as you can.

Archival footage from the early 70s.  Five cars come out of Parabolica and cross the finish line within about six tenths of a second of each other.  Many of whom are dead now because that was what racing in 1971 was like.

Me?  I was a senior in high school.


Qualifying tomorrow.  The race on Sunday.


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