Thursday, September 04, 2014


I went to bed at midnight last night.  Took a peek before doing so at the Murray/Djokovic quarterfinals match.  As of midnight, they'd played two sets; each winning one.  Each of which, it should be noted, took over an hour to complete according to the graphic I read.  This projects to roughly 3:00 am as the finishing time if they go five sets.

Men's tennis is stupid enough already, but who thought this was a good idea?

And while we're on it?  The reason men's tennis is stupid is that the game has evolved over the years from a serve and volley style in which a given point was decided in three, four, five shots to, essentially, a higher powered version of the women's base-line game in which rallies frequently last 15-20 shots.  Which is fine for three sets, but way too time-consuming for five.  Stupid, in fact.

I can't think of a worse sports/entertainment return on time invested than a 5-set men's tennis match.  And I kind of like tennis.


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