Friday, September 05, 2014

This Whole Tomato Can Business

So, do you feel like a big enough jerk?
Pardon me?
About calling that poor woman a tomato can?
No.  I'm comfortable with it.  Did she win?
No.  She lost.  And had to be taken off the court in a wheelchair in the middle of the match.
Oh no.  That's sad.
Peng Shuai.  That's her name.
I'm memorizing it.
She's very brave.
Duly noted.  How did Caroline react to the whole thing?
The Woz was quite gracious.  She crossed over to the other side and gave her a pat and said a few words.
Lovely.  Did they play Sweet Caroline as they were carting the tomato can off the court?
Do you know what the good news is?
Less energy spent by The Woz.  That much more she can focus on kicking Voldemort's ass.


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