Saturday, September 06, 2014

Pride and Prejudice at the Open

What's that famous quote from Pride and Prejudice?
The one near the front about rich guys needing a wife?
No, not that one.  The one where Mr. Darcy, under needling from Elizabeth Bennett and Miss Bingley, says something along the lines of "Forsooth, a man who, through his own actions, loses my good favor and opinion is hard pressed to regain it."
No way he said Forsooth.
No, likely not.  And the entire quote is completely wrong.
Then why do you mention it?
Because it troubles me that my favorite tennis player, The Woz, and my least favorite tennis player, Voldemort, whom she meets tomorrow in the Finals, are good friends.
That must be hard.
My plan is to tape the women's finals and then, later in the day, if I sense that they were playing Sweet Caroline at the end, I'll go back and watch the whole thing.  Otherwise, I'll delete.
Great plan.
Thank you.


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