Sunday, September 07, 2014


Did you watch the Italian Grand Prix?

Lewis has the pole.  Gets a lousy start and Nico takes the lead.  Mid-race, Nico screws up the main-straight chicane so badly he goes off track and weaves his way through pylons, loses some time, but holding his position.  The second time he does this (he did it TWICE!) Lewis, who is by now breathing down his tailpipe, easily takes the lead back and holds on, winning by four or five seconds.  Honestly.

Sitting back in third was my boy Felipe Massa.  All the Italians love Massa for his work at Ferrari, so the tifosi went bananas to see him get a podium.  Also, since he spent most of the race twenty seconds behind Hamilton and Rosberg and twenty seconds in front of everybody else (twenty seconds being an eternity in F1), he didn't have to do much more than keep the thing on the track and enjoy the scenery.

And everybody knows that Monza is a beautiful track.

Viva Felipe!  On to Singapore.


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