Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Keep Fighting Michael

This is the side of Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes ...

Rosberg's looks the same way.

Today's good news is two-fold.  First, Michael Schumacher has left the hospital and returned home for continued rehabilitation some nine months after a skiing accident put him in a coma.  Long row still to hoe, but everybody Here At The Year says Keep Fighting Michael.

Also lovely is that the Buffalo Bills were bought by somebody other than Donald Trump.  The immensity of Trump's clownishness cannot be overstated.  One wonders whether he didn't put enough money on the table or if the NFL owners simply decided they already had enough assholes in their midst.  What with Daniel Snyder counting for three.

Three being the charm, it's also worth noting that Trump's gambling organization, Trump Entertainment Resorts, declared bankruptcy today.  For the third time.

What a fucking clown.


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