Thursday, September 11, 2014

Green Rims, Very Nice

I want you to tune into ESPN2 tomorrow at 5pm, or any weekday at that same time, and check out my boy Keith Olbermann's glasses.  Very nice ...

Here's the man in full rant, which I think is his best quality.  One hears repeated suggestions that he's an annoying, frustrating man to work with.  A maniac some might say.  Others might use the word asshole.  Regardless, I'm of the opinion that when he takes the bit in his teeth and runs with it, he's one of the most compelling broadcasters on television.

Of course, if you've met a sampling of my friends you'd know I have a high tolerance for rascals, jerks and knuckleheads.  But hey, I'm a Buddhist.  That's how we roll.

No you're not.
A Buddhist.
No.  But I'd like to be.
Well you're not.  Stop telling people you are.
Maybe it's like my boy Marcel Duchamp who famously said that art is whatever the artist says it is.
So if I say I'm a Buddhist then I am.
Let me get back to you on that.

Regardless, the point of the post is the man's eyeglasses.  I poked through a number of photos but couldn't find one that adequately illustrated what is going on.  That being that the inside rims of his glasses, plus the nose pieces, plus perhaps some trim across the top are a beautiful Coke-bottle green.  The effect is subtly dazzling, not unlike myself, but you have to watch it on TV for the magic to really work.

Honestly, the more I look at them the more I want to buy a pair.

Here's another beautiful thing that features green trim, although here it's more of a mint green ...

I mean, the car is basically silver.  But it's the green, which is so minty it's almost blue, that makes it really pop.

[Truth in blogging:  This is not the current version of a Silver Arrow.  It's actually a 2011 car, but that's not important in this situation]


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