Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dirt Changes Everything

Wow.  They're sending the Tony Stewart case to a grand jury.

Me?  I had expected a faster resolution, i.e. calling it a tragic racing accident and moving on.  What the hell was Kevin Ward, now dead so we can't ask him, doing standing five feet away from race cars going 50-75 miles per hour ON A DIRT TRACK?  Doesn't matter how pissed you are, or what happened to you, this seems to me like asking for it.

And maybe Stewart did hit the gas, spin his wheels, unfortunately torque up the track just enough to catch the guy with his wheel, but it couldn't possibly be anything other than an unintentional gesture.
I find the whole thing stupid.  And I don't even particularly care for Tony Stewart -- just so we're clear.  Although I do sometimes shop at Office Depot.

Here's the Number 14 in happier days

Those cars still look stupid compared to the old style.

It's worth noting that Tony Stewart could have driven within five feet -- likely a lot less -- of Kevin Ward at 200 mph in relatively safety had he been on tarmac.  It's the dirt that changes anything.

And I take that back:  I don't think I've ever been in an Office Depot.


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