Saturday, September 20, 2014


If you think painting for a living is a scam, I've got to believe it's nothing compared to running a political polling organization.

Do you remember when Barack beat Mitt?  People at Romney headquarters were genuinely shellshocked.  Millions and millions of dollars worth of polling had convinced them they had it in the bag.  That, plus listening to nothing but blowhards like Limbaugh and Hannity.  Which is their own fault.  But hey, you pay a reputable firm to conduct a poll and they get it that wrong?  That's not on you.

I want my money back!

I only bring this up because prior to the actual vote on Scotland leaving the UK the projected results were widely considered too close to call.  Within the margin of error.  All the usual polling stuff people on television talk about on election night.  Yet the final result ended up about 55% to 45% to stay.

Which in an American election we'd call one whack short of a whuppin'.

At some point you've got to just figure that the polling boys are just taking our money and messing with us.  Perhaps while sitting in front of a nice fire with a single malt in one hand and a cigar in the other.  I would have closed with a picture of Robert Preston as The Music Man but I couldn't find a good one.


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