Thursday, August 03, 2006

Exhibition Day 2, Redux

It remains spectacularly hot in Manhattan. I've been told that Bloomberg LLP has turned off its office televisions as an energy-saving measure. Odd, I thought when I heard, but you have to applaud any effort.

Me? My plan is to step outside around 3:00 pm and determine the relative wisdom of exhibiting today. The act of sitting under the trestle on West 22nd will be done in lieu of sitting at home with the air conditioning blasting, so I suppose this would be an example of the arts supporting the city rather than vice-versa.

One thing that does have me fired up is the recent piece in the New York Times about the redecoration of the Gramercy Hotel by Julian Schnabel. Always one to rejoice in the success of my fellow painter (except, perhaps, in certain acute situations), it's good to see Mr. Schnabel branching out; keeping the wolf from the door, so to speak.

And I'm not much of a Cy Twombly fan, but the article's lead photo showing the big, primarily red piece of his in the hotel's lobby juxtaposed to the set of red curtains framing an arched doorway makes me just want to run over, order a mojito at the bar and ask them to put a maraschino cherry in it.

The name of the Twombly work, by the way, is "Bacchus (untitled)." If I ever get that cute in naming my stuff ("Close, But Not Quite" notwithstanding) I would appreciate a swift slap in the face.


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