Monday, April 23, 2007

Go Cards, Volume 3

The CUA Women's Lacrosse season came to a disappointing end yesterday. Up by two with about two minutes to go, against what one might argue was a lesser opponent, the Cardinals gave up exactly that many goals and allowed York to barge into overtime. York's tying goal came at about the ten second mark.

I mean, honestly.

The beauty of lacrosse is that if you can control the face-offs, you can score goal after goal. It's a lot like playing pick-up basketball--you make the shot, you get the ball back again. Alas, beauty is a harsh mistress (As an expert on beauty, I'm here to tell you), and it was this very aspect of the game that was the Cards' undoing. They just couldn't get the ball back.

Anyway, they scored first in overtime, then gave away another two, losing finally by a score of 19-18 (possibly 18-17).

I have a few quibbles about the Cards' coach's substitution patterns, but I am having trouble separating my objective assessment of them from my quite-biased desire to see my daughter play more minutes, so I won't air them here. I am, however, stating my concern for the record.

If this blog is, in fact, the record.


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