Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lee's Progress

My boy Bobby Lee is making great strides, starting with this:

And then this (note, I'm skipping a couple of layers in the interest of time):

Until, here, we have them untaped (but we still can't see any of the previously painted squares), awaiting the next phase:

The next phase starts, of course, like this:

Then turns into this (with a bad crop):

Then turns into this, as near as I can tell:

Me? I'm starting to get fired up. What you see above is the final iteration of this phase (barring some last minutes noodling). Once masked, this will leave only squares 5, 9 and Stuart's Square. Given that 5 and 9 contain none of the image and so will remain black, I have only Stuart's Square to paint.

After that, the unveiling.

Me? I'm starting to get fired up.


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