Sunday, May 13, 2007

No use crying over spilt milk...

Now isn't this about the most interesting thing you'll ever see?

On top: The original left eye of Lee. The one that, you may remember, I painted in the wrong square and then had to white (black) out..

Below it is the second version--the one that currently exists on the surface of the painting.

Wow. I'm of two minds.

For those who look for insight into technique, the difference is pretty obvious. The first one was given a rough background of pinkish-white. The second was given a rough background of bluish-white. The rest just goes from there.

It's posts like this that make me think about adding an admission fee to The Year of Magical Painting. Maybe it's a suggested admission, like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, rather than the hard twenty (TWENTY!?!) that MOMA demands.

I'm of two minds.


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