Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Marshall McLuhan Moment

So I'm sitting outside the NYSE, hiding behind some bikes...

watching people tilt their heads so they can read the words on my painting...

At some point, I hear one man speaking in relative depth about not only this particular painting but others by the artist (the "artist," of course, being me). I walk up next to him and listen to the rest of his spiel. Anonymously. Just one more mover and shaker with slicked back hair, yellow suspenders and, tucked away in the inside pocket of my impeccably tailored Alan Flusser suit, one of those leather cases that holds two Cuban cigars.

I'm sure you get the picture.

Anyway, I have to tell you, it is more than a little odd (in an uplifting way) to hear a perfect stranger speak at relative length about your work to another bunch of strangers. This must be how Jasper Johns used to feel in the early days.

And man, his friends did seem impressed. So I eschew the
opportunity to correct some of the things he screwed up and just introduce myself.

God then promptly rewards me by sending a crew from to interview me. This would be them:

You can tell by the wires.

I was very drawn to Farnoosh Torabi--one of the correspondents who interviewed me. You can see for yourself at I'd link it for you, but it seems to be the one f**king thing I can't get my Mac to do in Blogger mode.


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