Monday, September 24, 2007

Regarding the Breach

Regarding this whole "into the breach (whatever that means)" business: I am stymied a bit by the fact that my camera has somehow (perhaps due to operator error, but I have a hard time believing it) switched from shooting the kind of large files I need to send along to the media to shooting the small ones that you see below, and which are functionally useless other than for the decoration of a blog.

That is to say, if you double click the photo of Big Maria below, it doesn't get much larger. There's no there there, if you catch my drift. Tangentially, one has to wonder what happens when you double-click Barack Obama.

Anyway, politics aside, now I have to drag my ass back to the studio and reshoot the goddam thing at a higher resolution. Which angers me.

Does one, I wonder, capitalize goddam? Yes for God (under a specific type of usage). Likewise Styrofoam, certainly.

To suggest that I am beside myself doesn't begin to describe my disgruntlement.


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