Monday, October 01, 2007

Close Encounter of the Third Kind

I don't remember what the categories actually are. I would assume that the First kind of encounter would involve something along the lines of a handshake, a steely look eye-to-eye and exchanged words.

The Second? Beats the shit out of me.

But the Third? That's the one I experienced today! With Maria Bartiromo! Really.

This would, of course, be her:

Not only is this a photo of Maria Bartiromo, but it's the photo I took off my television screen that served as the basis of my "Big Maria" painting.

But back to my encounter.

I was told (in a first category encounter) by a floor trader as I sat outside the NYSE today that Ms. Bartiromo actually came to the door of the Stock Exchange, looked out, and beheld the majesty of my painting of her.

When the security guard told her what the gold print around the arch actually said, she was said to have laughed.

I wonder if it was a polite half-smile, half-giggle or an actual snort-through-the-nose guffaw.


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