Monday, December 31, 2007

It's 11:57 and I'm not afraid anymore

I'm not afraid of my painting anymore. In fact, I finished it around 11 tonight, as evidenced by the "GVR 12-07" in the lower right hand corner. Cutting it a bit short, but still was done well ahead of the new year.

I have not inscribed the title on the surface of the painting as I typically do. This is on purpose--the thinking being that I may pitch it to Goldman Sachs prior to throwing it up on eBay, and they may be less amused than I am by "Big Lloyd II (Now More Than Ever)."

This would, of course, be it:

I, by the way, was completely right about the upper lip. This became apparent early on when I executed that little splay of burnt umber that demarks the windward side of his mouth in Square 15. If something can demark something.

I'm going downstairs now to watch the ball demark the end of 2007.

Happy New Year


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