Friday, January 04, 2008

The FTC Weighs In

Got a certified letter from the Truth in Blogging Department of the Federal Trade Commission calling into question the veracity of the previous post. Quick, I thought, given I only put it up last night.

Anyway, I won't bore you with the details but after demanding a retraction of what they termed an "obviously false" post, they added:
"No woman as hot as Julia Allison would try to pick you up at a party. And we don't care what bogus school of painting you cooked up.

All the best, The FTC."
So okay--I just made it up. And I pulled the video from Julia Allison's blog--which I visit every once in a while when I'm really bored.

Truth is, I just put it in to try to impress my daughter, who, unlike, I'm guessing, you and me, or just you, rather, knows who Julia Allison is.

FYI--She is thought, in some circles, to be the most annoying media person in the world. Ms. Allison, not my daughter. This I don't understand. I find her charming, albeit perhaps a bit needy. Maybe I'll ask my daughter.

Anyway, I made it all up.


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