Friday, February 15, 2008

The Briefest of Dance Notes...

Balanchine, who many people think is God, revolutionized ballet in a number of ways.

So I find myself staring at B. W. Buffett and thinking about George Balanchine.
Why, you ask? Because while looking at the seam down the middle of Warren's face, my mind is drawn to Balanchine's notion that a dancer was divided into two parts. Nothing new, here, one might counter. It has always been so.

Except that Big George didn't divide them at the waist, as was the accepted thinking. But rather, down the middle. Which, I should say, given His obsession with thin dancers, didn't leave too much on either side. But that's more of a diet thing than a dance thing.

These girls are smiling because they didn't dance for Balanchine. Although they surely wish they had. But while doing so they probably wouldn't have been smiling.

Too hungry.

On a number of levels.


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